We are a group of professional birth photographers in Oklahoma, collaborating together. We believe in upholding the standards for birth photography in Oklahoma, and promote professional practices such as being fully licensed and insured, charging a fair living wage, and conducting ourselves professionally -- which includes carrying back up equipment and working with other photographers to have back ups in place at all times. We set the bar high for what our clients can and should expect when they hire a birth photographer. We value honesty, integrity, and most importantly, the birth process that each mother chooses.




Stephanie Ralls is a professional birth and family lifestyle photographer located in the Oklahoma City Metro.

During her journey through infertility, she spent countless hours obsessing over mom blogs and birth stories from every end of the spectrum. While she dreamed of a spontaneous conception and serene home water birth, she ultimately brought her first son into the world with all the bells and whistles including an RE, OB, fertility medications, induction, and epidural.

Stephanie describes her lifestyle as an eclectic hodgepodge of mainstream meets crunchy, and her photographic style as genuine, intimate, and emotional. She strives to document everything in, at, around, and about your birth; it isn't just about a new life joining us, but also a family's entire life changing in the blink of an eye.


Ashley Porton has been a professional birth photographer since 2013. During her first pregnancy, she became obsessed with everything birth. Her home birth did not go as planned and she was transferred to the hospital. Her labor was photographed, but unfortunately during the transfer, the camera was forgotten and she was unable to have her birth photographed as originally planned. The hazy memory of birth is reflected in the blurry images taken by family members on cellphones and cheap cameras.

Ashley has long had a love for photography and has been photographing portraits and weddings since 2011 but as SOON as she discovered birth photography, she instantly fell in love.  "I experienced an adrenaline rush I've never had before and felt so connected to the experience. I thought, this is it. This is what I'm supposed to be doing."


Tavia Redburn is a highly skilled professional birth & newborn photographer. Tavia has a heart for capturing small details & intimate moments in birth for families to always remember and cherish. She is currently studying videography and offering photo/video fusion movies to provide her clients with the highest quality final product from their baby’s birth.

Tavia has experience photographing all types of birth (homebirth, hospital birth, twins & VBAC) and has a special place in her heart for VBAC mamas, as she has had 1 VBAC (2011) and 1 HBAC (2013).

Tavia goes out of her way to capture timeless birth images, while respecting mom’s birth space and birth plans. Her favorite moment is capturing mom’s “I did it!” face in the seconds after baby is born. When she is not photographing new babies, she’s a homeschooling mama to three kiddos & wife to her high school sweetheart. She loves taking childless strolls through Target, CrossFit & her daily cup of coffee with heavy whipping cream.