Stephanie Ralls | Founder

Business Name: Stephanie Ralls Photography
City of Residence: Midwest City
Attends hospital births? Yes
Attends birth center births? Yes
Attends home births? Yes
Works with a skilled backup photographer? Yes
Photographer since: 2010
Full/Part time Birth Photographer since: Full time since 2015
Other sessions offered: Maternity, First Look, and Pregnancy/Gender Announcements
Equipment used: Nikon d750 and d610 camera bodies; 85mm, 50mm, and 35mm lenses; sb600 flash
Favorite coffee shop: The Underground

Stephanie Ralls is a professional birth and family lifestyle photographer located in the Oklahoma City Metro.

During her journey through infertility, she spent countless hours obsessing over mom blogs and birth stories from every end of the spectrum. While she dreamed of a spontaneous conception and serene home water birth, she ultimately brought her first son into the world with all the bells and whistles including an RE, OB, fertility medications, induction, and epidural.

Stephanie describes her lifestyle as an eclectic hodgepodge of mainstream meets crunchy, and her photographic style as genuine, intimate, and emotional. She strives to document everything in, at, around, and about your birth; it isn't just about a new life joining us, but also a family's entire life changing in the blink of an eye.