Ashley Porton | Founder

Business Name: births by Ashley Porton
City of Residence: Norman
Attends hospital births? Uh-huh!
Attends birth center births? Of course.
Attends home births? Absolutely.
Works with a skilled backup photographer? Rest assured.
Photographer since: 2010
Full/Part time Birth Photographer since: 2013
Other sessions offered: Maternity
Equipment used: Canon 5DMKIII, Canon 6D, Sigma 50 Art, Canon 15-35L, Canon 85mm 1.8, Canon 135L, Tamron 75-200
Favorite coffee shop: Gray Owl Coffee in Norman


Ashley Porton has been a professional birth photographer since 2013. During her first pregnancy, she became obsessed with everything birth. Her home birth did not go as planned and she was transferred to the hospital. Her labor was photographed, but unfortunately during the transfer, the camera was forgotten and she was unable to have her birth photographed as originally planned. The hazy memory of birth is reflected in the blurry images taken by family members on cellphones and cheap cameras.

Ashley has long had a love for photography and has been photographing portraits and weddings since 2011 but as SOON as she discovered birth photography, she instantly fell in love. 

"I experienced an adrenaline rush I've never had before and felt so connected to the experience. I thought, this is it. This is what I'm supposed to be doing."