Guest blog: births by Ashley Porton | The Story of Madden | OU Edmond

Ashley contacted me about six months prior to her due date about photographing her birth. Being a photographer herself, documenting her first baby’s arrival was something that was very important to her. Well, I happened to be due with my second baby a few weeks after her, so I told her that since our due dates were just so close, I don’t think it would be responsible of me to take on her birth just in case our due dates ended up overlapping. She was due January 8th and I was due January 26th. So, I referred a few other great photographers to her and went on my merry way.

Well, come November, I hear from Ashley again, she’s found a photographer to photograph her birth, but she just happens to be unavailable until the beginning of January, as is her backup photographer. She’s wondering if I could be on call for her during the month of December just in case the baby comes early. So I decided I would be on call for Ashley through the month of December. I honestly thought there was no way I’d be photographing this birth. With my own first pregnancy I was two weeks late so I didn’t think there was any chance that Madden was going to come more than a week early. Well, lo and behold, at 5:00 a.m. on the morning of December 31st, I got a call from Ashley and she was fairly sure she was in labor. Baby Madden just didn’t want to wait until the new year.

Ashley’s labor and birth were amazing. She was a champ through her entire labor and if you wouldn’t have known any better, you’d have sworn she had an epidural. It was like she’d been preparing her entire life for this moment. She was amazing. Little Madden came out a whopping 8lbs 7oz with a head full of hair! 

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